Foster Carers

LUCAS SAD FACE 2Becoming a foster carer for our rescued animals is a very rewarding experience, and is a great way for you to help these animals on their way to a better place. If you can’t offer an animal a permanent home, why not help some of these animals on part of their journey?

Of course it is not all sunshine and flowers, some of these dogs and cats have come from very bad places and need a lot of care, patience and understanding to become themselves again. Some will be very scared, hurt, or sick and they need your attention and love to help them get well again. Sometimes it may take longer than others, sometimes it may not even have a happy ending. But rest assured that however much time this animal spends with you, it will have known much love, possibly for the first time in it’s life. You will have helped in some small way.

At the moment we are looking for foster carers in or around the Murcia, Cartagena area. If you would like to help, please fill out our contact form to request more information and a home check.