Baby from the Mutley Crew is home

Baby is the first of the Mutley Crew to find her forever home, and what a lovely family she now belongs to. She has made the massive journey across to […]

mutley6Baby is the first of the Mutley Crew to find her forever home, and what a lovely family she now belongs to. She has made the massive journey across to Ibiza to be with her new family and they are all so happy together. Here is the message we received from Emelie her new mum:

“The 1st words I got from Patrick(My husband). She’s a good sailor and very calm,but strong fighter to surviver! She’s going to be one very lucky girl.

I arrived with the children at 9pm to the port ,having the view opposite us of the old town of Ibiza glittering in the water at us. We meet a delightful black and white cat like if she was the one of the sailors port guards with collar and golden icon in front which I could not see its name but was enough to tell me this is an animal kingdom tonight with open arms.

My boy Otis was so excited and so was I! All of a sudden there came Patrick and puppy (baby) who looks so small and tail wagging and just seemed instantly at home at last feeling! And she could not wait to come home and she was just so happy and she so cuddles she just went straight to sleep on her sheep skin we’ve got her on our bed.

She slept the night beautifully!

Morning came and she was a quiet as a mouse until we woke up and was given sooooo many kisses from her and so adoring to the children I just realized what a lovely lovely kind dog she is.

Instantly in love with her! She’s had lots of country walks and nibbles and new bed today and red swade collar.Looks adorable in it!
Will get her a saddles one which like a really good quality last forever and will be a lurched collar shape etc once she gets bigger. I think will suit her.

Giving her her name not to easy yet as she’s so adorable. Nothing seems to suit as yet. At the moment maybe Lola ? But reading the meaning of it means sorrow so I’m like hmmmm don’t want sorrow …… So I, still thinking. My favorite is Agnes but not sure if she’s that name? And Patrick like to call her ‘pipa’ as in the sunflower seed nibbles. We love Pipa’s in our family. Quiet funny! So lots of thoughts are going though our minds on that one.

Will start sending you photos .

She’s soooooo sensitive and so gentle and so clever and wanting to be good ahhhhhh she’s so sweet!

You guys are amazing though . Night in shining armor to her and so many other. Truly wonderful people you really are to take your time to give these lovely creature a future. You’ve really inspired me. Also she’s been very humble with the cats and our chickens. What can I say she seems like she s always been here. Everything is familia. Thank you all so very much for been connected and making this happen as vivienne said.”

And thank you to Emelie, Patrick, Otis and Rita for giving Baby such a wonderful new life. We look forward to hearing her updates.