Adopt a Spanish Rescue Dog is a website dedicated to promoting the dogs in the care of ACTIN (Animal Care Treatment International Network) for adoption. Actin is not a rescue association but work hard to change the laws and attitude towards cruelty to animals, and also campaign to promote sterilisation of pets. However, in many of the cases that Actin attend, they often have to remove animals from bad situations for their own safety, and these are the dogs and cats that are now under Actin’s protection.

As Actin are not a rescue, they do not have a shelter and rely solely on fosterers and kennels for residence. This means that there are huge costs involved for taking care of these animals, and Actin are always in need of funds to support the rescued animals. The costs include vet bills – passports, vaccinations, microchips, medicine for the sick animals that are nursed back to health, food, and of course residency fees.

How you can help

There are several ways in which you can help the animals in Actin’s care:

  • Offer to adopt a dog or cat and give it a loving forever home.
  • If you are in the local area (Murcia) you can be a foster carer.
  • Make a donation to sponsor the animals in Actin’s care.
  • Share the animals and donation information with your friends and family.

You can make donations via paypal by sending payments to